Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Independence Day

Sixthy five years ago...Indonesia declared independence day. Today 17th August... All students are having ceremonial at their school for commemorate of  independence day. But, you know...what is the real mean off our independence? Except, independence for coloniser? I think in this day...we can say...if we really-really independence are...we can free for our opinion (of course with all responsibility), free for our religion, not rasis, and especially leave of poverty. Much of our citizen live with out of poor line. This is a face our independence after 65th ago? Well, we as a young generation must be make a different to our country. That make our country in a row with the other country...we can do it..!!! Finally I wanna say to my lovely nation Indonesia... MERDEKA!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

open daily

Morning sick....
This monday i have to go to the office more early...because this is open market in forex. Wew..brbrbrbr....very cool this morning.....you know..i also mostly late...heheee....three minutes again...than my UM (uang makan) will be cut more rupiahs ^_^....now i will go home because i came in my office at 05.42 AM. hheeeheee