Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday

Exclusive...Just For Him :)

Good this day, wednesday morning, 14th Mart'12...I would say to you...Happy Birthday to a man that I love, hope you all the best, walk to the right way, always healthy, a lot of luck, achieved all the goals goal, always love me :) n GBU. I Luv You.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feel Sad

You come unexpectadly
who entered the innermost heart
for the first...
didnt realize
may be you the best of the best
sent by God for entered a heart
to make ribs that have been lost

time after time
day after day
even year by year
you begin to look tough stance
of your words
that comes out of your mouth

Is that your true nature?
afraid to step over with you
the day you are getting rough with your words
it's very, very humbling
there ye may be used to talk like that
But in should know the customs and manners!!!

Hope you change for the better.

The difficult thing for man, Do you include?

"Sorry," is the most difficult to put a man other than the word "Thanks." So says a study in Canada.

The team of researchers from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, as revealed to The Vancouver Sun, recently did some research to find out the differences between men and women as admitting guilt.

In a trial involving 66 volunteers (33 women and 33 men) for two weeks, researchers noted the emotional level of the object of research. When analyzing the results, the experts found a small percentage of male respondents to apologize and plead guilty when faced with conflict.

While the women stated apologize by 35% more often than men. In fact, women tend to be willing to apologize just to defuse the conflict.

Not only that, this study also revealed that the coarse insults often makes a woman can not stand and hurt 30% more than men.

The study authors also found that men's immune to the insult is much higher than women. Their reaction to the sharp attacks tend to be quieter than women, who often react by emotion to violence. Women tend to be more sensitive and irritable, even to someone who does not play a role in their lives though.
The scientists emphasize that the main difference to the admission of guilt in men and women often appear in a romantic relationship. Women are more afraid of hurting their partner, so as to apologize, they are more emotional than men, who tend to be rational and logical to admit his guilt.