Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ouch My mobile phone is Lost!!!

Start from 02 July the morning =_='

Well that morning is very crowded. I ran to catch the train to oslo central of java from zo6za. Hmm I remember that morning is so cool. I take a bath with hot water :) Even i woke up more early, like a litle joging, i run from a place to parked my motorcycle to station. I take the train to reach my office. You know friends? what time is it? That is 06:50 AM. If on schedule, my train to depart at 06:51 AM. minutes again I missed the train. Ooh thx God Im not late. Than I buy a ticket...n i wait the train come to station. After I stand...approximately 15 minutes..I realised that the train is late. Oh Nooo....i must come to my office at 08:00 AM. I hear a information from the station, that the train is late and estimated come this station can't predicted. WHATZZZ????! What the h*** it is??? I will be late to my office??No Way. Than I hear a lot of my friends that must be come to her office like me,are going to the other station (primary station in my town) to reach up an executive train. Usually if my train is late, we are allowed to ride any train at the next time,if the train is trough same city. So..i initiative goes to primary station, looking for executive train that will be departure at 07:20 AM. I think, executive train faster than my train, n i will be late, just for a few minutes came to my office(I think it's okay).

So i decided goes to primary train.
I ride motorcycle..n..finally i came to primary station. I run to locket, for checking my ticket and than toward to executive train. After that..i looking for the passenger that same on me..(about destination) n you know what did they say?? Unbelievable...we can't board a train with ticket bussines class (my ticket is categories bussines class).. oh my gossss......f*** them. That is not our fault..but they! Why we can't reach executive train? They said, we can reach that train, but we must buy a ticket again with nominal is the same with executive train destination. What??! That is No Fair. (bisa 10x lipat lebih tuh dari sbelumnya harganya) T.T yawn... So i decided waiting my train...I hear a information from the station, that the train estimated come this station is predicted at 08:00 AM. Im actually LATE!

With No hope :))) Im waiting my train -_-'
Minutes after minutes, i decided to buy a pulse for my mobile phone at ATM, b'coz is really-really empty. In my mind, i will be telling my friends in the office that Im definetely late. But after i came to ATM n do some pulse can't enter in my handphone. YAch...really unlucky. So i came back wait the train. Afer a long-long time, my train is coming, N i can goes to my office. But train runs very slow..

Hmm i came to my destination station at 09:30 AM. fieuuh....-_-'
I must goes to my boarding house,for dressing with my uniform n than came to my office. Because time is noon, n Im definetely late, I can't tell My friends,b'coz i have empty pulse, so Im hurry n bring my little bag. That is the first beginning I will be the loss my mobile phone. I ride my motorcycle to my office very fast. My mobile phone have small bag itself, n I put it in front of the motor hook. Hmm...I passed the road, some that is not flat with very fast. And finnaly i came to my office. All my friend asking me,why my late. I just smile n telling them my reason ^_^...after few minutes i realized my mobile phone is gone!!!
Im calling my number is ringing. I think i've left my mobile phone in my boarding house. After that, Im back to my boarding house,looking for my mobile phone n not founding anything. Huft -_-' WHERE IS MY MOBILE PHONE??? I come back to my office again n borrow office mobile phone to call my number in my boarding house. And try to guess..Yapz..I comeback to my boarding house n calling my number again. With my hope,found my mobile phone. And you know friends..I can't hear any ringing. Hiikz....n i down the road to my office, who knows my mobile phone is fall on the road. But Nothing. T.T
I totaly lost my mobile phone!!!