Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At Puri Asri Magelang, central of Java

Gathering with my friends at Puri Asri Magelang, Central of Java (19-20 May 2012).

Thursday, May 10, 2012's too much spyonase ^^

Good afternoon friends,

Yesterday I didnt realized that in h*** is too much spyonase ^^....
I think if we nice or be nice to the other...they will do like that. But actually, in realita, it's not like that. Many case that well rewarded by the crime. huft..Im very sad to hear about that -_-' But if we want to reply evil by is the same as we equate with evil. I dont want to like that. And I hope you dont do like that too. Whatever people said, If we walk to the right way, the truth will be come to us. and I believe that.

Be Nice, Be Positive, and don't forget to watch out u're step. Make sure that u walk to the right way. Okay ^^