Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentine Day = Day Of Love

Mmm is to late talking about valentine day..or day of love? The answer is...No. Because this month is still february, and talk about day of everyday, not just in february. How about your valentine day. I hope you have a lot of love with the people in your life. Not just with your boy/girlfriend, but the meaning of love is universal. It's mean love with your family, your friend, even with your pet or your plant (I like cat and dog ^_^)

So..have you shared the love of His fellow creatures? Wether by love..we can make a different in the world. Is it true? Of course. With love, we can help the other in need. With love, war in the world will not happen. Love can make you happy. Can you without love??? Exactly...THERE WILL BE NO US ! So...Why we can't share the love to the other? Without distinction as to race, religion, ethnic, gender, and forms. Start from today...Make your day full of love.