Monday, January 30, 2012

LDR...Yes or Not?

For a long...long again.. in this year 2012, Happy New Year :)
Hope the best in this year 2012 ^_^

Dear friend, well i want to share about a topic...Mmm how abot LDR.
What Do you think about Long Distance Relationship (LDR)? It is nice or not. Well some people mybe say yes, "LDR it doesn't matter as long as there is strong commitment among them". And the other people say..."What???LDR???NoWay...I can't imagine how about my life" Can not together everyday, if I want to share my life or if I have a problem in my day....can not realize the burden on the shoulders of my beloved. Can not talk to you face to face, yeach sometime we can meet, but still can't everyday. Just by a phone??? Ouwgh No...that is so terrible. I can't imagine.

Hmm...this opinion is generally in our communities. my doesn't matter. We have a strong commitment. I believe that he could keep me there, as well as I. I believe that he was not putting my heart, so did I. And last...I believe that God's plan is beautiful, and will come when all will become more beautiful on the day. Amien.

That is my opinion about LDR. How about you?