Friday, October 1, 2010

Ave Maria

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) 

Ave Maria Gratia plena 
Maria Gratia plena 
Maria Gratia plena 
Ave, ave dominus
Dominus tecum 
Benedicta tu in mulieribus 
Et benedictus 
Et benedictus fructus ventris 
Ventris tui Jesus 
Ave Maria 
Ave Maria Mater dei 
Ora pro nobis pecatoribus 
Ora, ora pro nobis 
Ora ora pro nobis pecatoribus
Nunc et in hora mortis Nunc et di hora mortis  
In hora mortis, mortis nostrae Dalam hora mortis, mortis nostrae  
Ave Maria! Ave Maria!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wake Up Man!!!

Dear Story...
I have a friend...He is very atractive, he can hundle all his activity, at least it was. Why I said 'It Was'? Because this time, he wasnt like that. All his activity are unfinishised, he always depressed, just because he is broken heart. Wow...I thought he always powerfull, with his power as a man. Everyday, I see he smile and said that he is a handsome, many people especially woman, he can conguer. That time, I just smile. I think, well maybe u're lucky man ^_^ But in reality, now u just....not more a hesitate...a depressed man just beacuse a woman. I know because he is my friend. This day..he said 'A'....but in next day...he said 'B' or 'C' even 'Z'. you know what I mean. He is so labil...Ouw my friend..Wake Up!!! I want you like it was. I always pray to you, that u can happy with u're life, with someone else that can make u happy, have a good work, not despair...and not broken heart anymore. God Bless You always...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Independence Day

Sixthy five years ago...Indonesia declared independence day. Today 17th August... All students are having ceremonial at their school for commemorate of  independence day. But, you know...what is the real mean off our independence? Except, independence for coloniser? I think in this day...we can say...if we really-really independence are...we can free for our opinion (of course with all responsibility), free for our religion, not rasis, and especially leave of poverty. Much of our citizen live with out of poor line. This is a face our independence after 65th ago? Well, we as a young generation must be make a different to our country. That make our country in a row with the other country...we can do it..!!! Finally I wanna say to my lovely nation Indonesia... MERDEKA!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

open daily

Morning sick....
This monday i have to go to the office more early...because this is open market in forex. Wew..brbrbrbr....very cool this know..i also mostly late...heheee....three minutes again...than my UM (uang makan) will be cut more rupiahs ^_^ i will go home because i came in my office at 05.42 AM. hheeeheee

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday the tired day

This day...thursday....the tired day. U know... friday tomorrow in my office, at 23 juli 2010 we have a grand opening or launching our branch and seminar with native speaker Mr.Faisal Basri...(pengamat ekonom). Wow...all people are so busy..especially my friend, 'reservation division' hehee, actually she is not reservation division in my office..actually she is my friend in CSO divison but she's to assignt that seminar (handdle reservation) morning ----> until she wants to go home at 05:00 PM, she's call all client that want to come our seminar at Diamond Conv. Hall Solo...^_^ that's very interesting.....hihihi...Usually, she's so very relax....i mean..after all her job as a CSO finished, she can relax with browsing, chating, hehehee...But immediately before the end of seminar on friday tomorrow...she's very-very busy..i just smile when she's so bussy, hahaa, but sometimes i help her to pick up the phone for reservation. Well, I hope seminar on friday tomorrow can
running smoothly until the end of seminar..okay...God Bless Our...^_^

Friday, July 16, 2010

Man Vs Woman???

Friend, why majority man regard as a woman have a degree more low than a man? I think thats a wrong opinion, very WRONG statment. I don't agree with that opinion. But in realita...many-many woman get insulting like that. Man and woman created for live together, to complete one each other..not to checkmate (under knee) a man. I have met  a man with his ego, that woman must to say 'yes' to a man, i mean.... a wife must be say yes to her everything condition. Wow..he show that power as a man. I agree if a man have a power to conguer, they are created like that. Competition and conguer. That is character man... But, U this modern world...woman and man should be build a world, create a beautifull life...i thing so... woman and man can life in harmony....Wow....if this can be created an beautifull atmosphere....^_^.....than make a world more harmony....i agree with this statment......Do You???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Oops I detected....:D xixixixi
Friends, U my office as long as time to 08:00 - 17:00 WIB (GMT+7)...specifically for
networking site that most popular at this time...(u must be know...^_^) was block by IT :))....but...b'coz in my division the peoples are clever, smart..( than we're searching, talking, sharing to other people.....and...finally...we found the utility's that can break the lock of that site...hihihii..ssst don't tell this statment to my IT..hahahaaaa....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Can I go Home???

This day, why Im so...want go back to home....oops my kost alias my boarding house...hehee i think that's syndrome of monday hwahahahaaa..after holiday..two days ago in my town...for exactly in zogza mania...and now i have go back to zolo. Well..i really love with this town (both town) but if i in my own town..its like...i dont know....just like comfortable...(jelaslah tuh kota2 nya sndiri kok ^_^)...but in zolo..central of java, this is second town that i like after my lovely zogza...i lup u pull zogza n zolo poenya...

Oops....u know....this time finally....time to go homeee...after work....i want to bathup, eat, relax, n go back to sleep...n i hope tomorow..i can week up with fress face...n...back to work more smart...hope so...C U all
and GBU...('','')

After Weekend

After long-looong weekend....its time go back to work..wew..i think i want to sleep more n more...But i think its imposible....xixixixi...i must week up more early b'coz i have to work in other must week up more early and i have to catch the train....but i still keep spirit for my job today...hihihi...ciayoo...welcome mat this monday...^_^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'ts Time to Eating.....

 Hai everybody
Fieuuuh this time i feel so hungry...eventhought last night i ate morning i feel so hungry ^_^...but i have to wait a right moment to eat..hihihi....after 12:00 a clock...than i would eat...hehehe
I'ts Time to Eating........

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is story about this day

Morniiing all...
U know... i really-really suntuk in Indonesia language :) one sales in my office is really suck. She wants everything is perfect, eventhought she's not perfect, but she always wants everobody is perfect. She is wired. All abou her self want to be quickly serve and update?? whats??? LAh apa gunanya kerjaan dia ya, klo all his job desk, can't do by herself. At laeast, problem solver nya ya cso nya...wew..fieuuh...**** ^_^

Oh GOD..Im sorry...I talked about wired of his self...hikis..hiks...