Friday, May 27, 2011

Feel Sick Today

Since yesterday...i felt not so good. A little dizy. Why?? Because moreover my friends at my office has sick..'influenza'. Wew...that make me sick too. At the first is my friend at the reception division. She had headache and ofcourse with flu'. The next day are..Office Boy.. continous until to me. I finnaly sick too. And last night I blocked nose and sneezings.'s so suffer. Hope tomorrow feel good anymore... ^_^v

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't U Repay Evil With Evil

Many people say, life-changing life proverbs, tongue instead of his tongue. But we as believers in God, did not properly follow these proverbs. As the teachings of God, love others as you love your own self. Forgive others.
Do not return hate with hate, or condemn those who already hate you. But forgive those who hate you and your enemies and pray for them so they can return to the right path. Because God will turn it all into something beautiful for you. So, forgive those who have to speak ill of you, hate you, or hostile to you.

God Bless Us