Friday, July 20, 2012

My BB cream :)

Hellow again,

Long time No see dear.....:D Well...Im to little bussy yesterday:))). I'am asking to you, about oily face gal's. Have u ever feel u're face is to oily after make up? Even u washed u're face with special soap for oily skin. Well I've been through that. My skin is combination (oily-normal). I often get my face is oily. Even in AC room. I usually, wake up at the morning. Go to bath, wash my face with P****facial wash. After that, i make up with my special morning cream (buy in clinic for dermatologies) and after that I use foundation, before apply a powder. know, even my position in AC room...I found my face is too oily, and you know what I make up is 'nepsong' ^o^

So im googling, How to make a 'make up' everlasting. know gal's..i found a product made in Indonesia. The name is BB Cream. ^_^ very love it. It can make my face more smooth and off course not oily again. So before make up, after use a mouisturizer, apply this BB Cream to u're face n u're neck. Just a little,n averaged. After all, use u're powder as usually.

^_^ Well u're face more smooth n make up on u're face guarantee never oily again gal's.

That's my story today. And Im very love it my BB cream b^^d